About Break The Gridlock


Break The Gridlock is a Chicago-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a vibrant network of grass roots advocates working to reduce dependency on the private automobile, encouraging the use of more appropriate transportation solutions. Break The Gridlock promotes this network through leadership and organizational support.


March 2011 Kidical Mass
March 2011 Kidical Mass Ride

Break The Gridlock believes that the transportation system in Chicago (and America in general) is out of balance. Private automobiles are used far too much for personal transportation, which leads to a degraded urban environment and a de-emphasis on other transportation modes. We don't say that all private automobile use is bad, just that more appropriate options often exist (or should exist!) Break The Gridlock supports groups and projects that seek to correct this imbalance.

The term "appropriate transportation" means using the best tool for getting around. In some circumstances, the private automobile makes sense, but it should not always be the first or the default choice. We are working towards communities where bike bells are more common than car horns; children walk, skip and meander to school; transit is fast, convenient and popular, and more and more people embrace car-free and car-light lifestyles, for the benefit of themselves, their neighbors and the planet.

While our name is usually not front and center, our energy can be found in the various projects we support, such as Critical Mass, Bike Winter, West Town Bikes, Kidical Mass, the Autoshow Shutdown, Massup.us, the World Naked Bike Ride, the Albany Home Zone and World Car Free Day. By taking on both whimsical and serious projects, we are making a dent in car-dependency. 

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Please visit our Get Involved page to learn how to connect with BTG and its efforts.  Break The Gridlock is a recognized charitable organization, so donations to Break The Gridlock are tax deductible. Contact us for more information and/or to make a donation.