Break The Gridlock was chartered as a not-for-profit Illinois corporation in the State of Illinois on September 1st, 2000. On March 5th, 2008 we awarded a 501(c)(3) determination by the I.R.S. retroactive to our founding. Our tax payer identification number is available on request.

Current Board Members

Alex Wilson, Vice President (Acting President)

Alex is a long time contributor to Chicago’s cycling community. He helped bring a positive spirit to the early days of Chicago’s Critical Mass rides with free T-shirts and flags, and by publishing The Derailleur, “the unofficial zine of Critical Mass.” By encouraging others to get involved with making the T-shirts, flags and the zine, he also helped build a community of activists. In 2004, Alex started a youth earn a bike program, which eventually evolved into West Town Bikes where he now serves as Executive Director. The overreaching goals of West Town Bikes are to promote bicycling in the city of Chicago, to educate youth with a focus on under-served populations, and to foster and serve Chicago's growing bicycling community.

Todd Gee, Secretary/Treasurer

Todd promoted living car-light/car-free for years before moving to Chicago around 2000. He advocates participation in Critical Mass style bicycle rides and has actively promoted and participated in such rides in many cities across the country. In Chicago, he helped revive Break the Gridlock and has organized the bikegeek movement which has given an online presence to many appropriate transportation grass roots efforts. When not at a computer, Todd rides his bike year round and encourages others to do so as well, including his young daughters.

Todd Allen

Todd Allen is a retired video game programmer now working as an activist with several peace and justice organizations in Chicago. His interest in sustainable transportation, and bicycling in particular, motivated him to join the board of Break the Gridlock, where he helped get the monthly Kidical Mass rides off the ground. He is interested in all aspects of sustainable living. He has given presentations and run workshops on low input year round urban food gardening and composting. And he is a builder of electric bicycles.

Andrew Bedno

Andrew Bedno in Chicago bicycling may be best known as the “coordinator” for the World Naked Bike Ride – Chicago ( Chicago’s participation in this event is among the planet’s largest, routinely exceeding 1000 riders. Andrew is an adamant bicycling activist, being old enough to have seen the folly of the oil path since the 1970s. He also participates heavily in Chicago Critical Mass and Chicago Ghost Bikes projects. Andrew is also a senior programmer, web and mobile developer, and he applies these skills to bicycling causes. His newest venture, is a revolutionary navigation and communications tool for cyclists, which evolved from this combination of experiences. His current priorities are growing, member site maintenance, and making improvements to the utility of our sizeable contacts database.

Steven Vance

Steven Vance is a transportation planner who lived for 10 years in the far west suburbs before being enlightened by the sustainable transportation modes that a city like Chicago can offer. His goal is to help build a bicycle culture in Chicago. He writes for Streetsblog Chicago (borne from Grid Chicago) and Steven Can Plan (which was born from a class assignment).

Ash Lottes

Ash Lottes has been active in Chicago's bicycling and sustainable transportation community since moving to the city in January of 2009. She currently assists with organization of Kidical Mass and Chicago's monthly women and trans ride, Critical Lass. She is part of a car-lite family and shuttles her kid(s) to school via cargo bike each day. In her neighborhood, she's as active member of Bike Walk Logan Square where she works to bring walking and biking school buses to local schools within the ward.

Steven Lane


Garth Katner, Ph.D.

Garth has over twenty years of project management experience working with local governments and NGOs on the development, sustainability, and growth of their community development programs in deeply divided societies throughout the Balkans, the Caucasus, West Africa, and South Asia. Working with international organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute, George Soros's Open Society Institute, the Aga Khan Development Network, and the Interfaith Youth Core he has confronted some of the most intractable challenges facing underserved communities in Chicago, the Midwest, and abroad.  He is currently the Resource Development Manager for West Town Bikes on Chicago's West Side. His expertise include youth development, civil society capacity-building, conflict transformation/peace-building, and resource development/fundraising with over $2 million secured over the last decade.

Kevin Conway

Kevin has been an attorney in private practice since 1997. Areas of specialization include business and corporate law and litigation as well as probate and estate planning. Prior employment runs the gamut from floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Mercantile Exchange to delivery of singing balloon telegrams. Kevin has been riding a bike in the City of Chicago since 1983 when he bought a red Falcon racing bike from a Merrill Lynch broker. 

Elizabeth Adamczyk


Our board elections happen annually -- more information is available. Please contact us for more information or to contact the board of directors.

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