Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved and join the Break the Gridlock community. First, browse our list of Member Organizations for a Group whose goals fits you best. that fits you best, or check out our suggestions.

Email Discussion List

Break the Gridlock offers an email discussion among member organizations and individuals interested in promoting right transportation and reducing automobile dependency.

Join the discussion here.

Come Out for an unHappy Hour event

Occasionally, Break the Gridlock stages an "unHappy Hour" event.  These events generally include a speaker/speakers or other workshop on some subject surrounding Break The Gridlock's mission or the activities its Member Organizations.  The time after the presentations is unstructured social time allowing people to meet and socialize with others, finding out about other goings on in the community.  Often leaders and other representatives of Break The Gridlock's Member Organizations are on-hand and able to provide a contact with and answer questions about their organization.

The name "unHapy Hour" describes describes our take on an individual's path into activism -- first they become unhappy with the way things are, and then they get active.  So if you're not happy with the state of our city's transportation systems, come to our unHappy Hour, connect with others, and figure out how we're going nto fix it.

Check the front page for the next upcoming meeting.  If you have any questions or want to suggest a possible speaker or workshop, please contact us

You can just show up to any unHappy Hour event -- an RSVP is never necessary.

Become a Member / Donate!

The best way to support Break The Gridlock is to become an individual member. Membership gives us more voice as well as provides us with a funding source. Please see the membership page for more information.  Cash donations are of course welcome at any time. You can send us a check by mail (address on contact page) or make a donation via PayPal using this donation button.  Be sure to specify if your donation is for a particular Member Organization or if it's a gift to Break The Gridlock.

Still not sure about the best way for you to get involved? Get in touch and we can discuss how to best lend your time and talents.