Services For Member Organizations

The needs of different grass roots groups are different and Member Organizations can elect to receive any of several services from Break The Gridlock. Below are examples of services that are available to Member Organizations of Break The Gridlock. Remember, all services are free to Member Organizations save any cases where

Technology Services

Through its bikegeek initiative, Break The Gridlock can provide several technology related services to member organizations.

The primary service offered by the bikegeeks is that of website creation. A website is one of the best ways to market an organization, providing a constant presence for the organization's message. Additionally, a website can be used to coordinate internal operations of the organization. Additionally, the bikegeeks can register Internet domain names pertinent to your organization and attach these names to your website(s).

The bikegeeks can also provide extensive email configuration options. From unlimited mailing lists to aliases to hosted email, our email configuration can satisfy most needs.

Financial Services

Break The Gridlock can serve as a financial agent for Member Organizations.

Break The Gridlock is a 501(c)3 recognized organization.  As such, Break The Gridlock can act as an agent to accept any charitable giving or foundation grants on behalf of the Member Organization.

We can hold funds for a Member Organization, setting up a separate bank account with checks and debit card access to Member Organization funds.  This allows the Member Organization to be free from this administration overhead.

This, of course, is all subject to Break The Gridlock rules and restrictions we will go over with you.

Other Services

Break The Gridlock provides numerous services to Member Organizations that don't fall into the categories above. We can provide:

  • press release dissemination: Break The Gridlock maintains a list of contact points for press contacts. After composing a press release, deliver it to Break The Gridlock for distribution.
  • printing and mailing: Break The Gridlock can send targeted mailings out to various groups with which it maintains contact.
  • We can provide limited grant writing services to solicit funds.

Of course, if there's anything else we can do for you just ask -- we will try to help you out.