New BTG Campaign: Summer School!

BTG's newest campaign, "BTG Summer School", a series of educational workshops aimed at people considering switching to bicycle commuting for the first time, is underway!

The next workshop will be held at 2 PM, Tuesday September 30, in conjunction with Northeastern Illinois University's first annual Green Week.

Event Poster Here


The first workshop was held at 5 PM on Sunday June 29 2008 at the Mercury Café, 1505 W. Chicago Ave.

Official Press release

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The approximately 1-hour workshops are publicized via press releases and posters in bike shops, and feature a structured presentation aimed at addressing all the questions and concerns of a beginning cycle commuter. Frequency will be monthly, at minimum.

Occasional "special topic" workshops such as biking with kids and hauling items by bike are also being considered.

Please contact us if you'd like to attend, or offer help or support! Particularly nice would be items we could give to attendees as an extra bonus for attending.

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