World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #7 - June 12th 2010

SEVENTH ANNUAL WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE CHICAGO Saturday June 12th 2010 - Gather at 6pm, Ride at 9pm *Check in point will be announced to the websites and email list shortly before ride day* Join the list for details at WNBR-C is a fun and conspicuous event celebrating the end of the oil era and promoting positive body image. The ride's atmosphere is extremely joyful and transcendently fun. Bicycles constitute the best solution to reducing America's petroleum addiction and improving public fitness. This event is global with dozens of cities participating world-wide, and Chicago setting U.S. turnout records. This is a bare-as-you-dare event, with outfits ranging from body paint to fanciful costumes to beach-wear. Chicago's past rides rallied hundreds of cyclists and numerous skaters covering over a dozen miles of high visibility city tourism and recreation areas. For more info on where to be, how to behave and how to prepare, visit