World Car Free Day Rally and Ride

Hope to see many Break the Gridlockers at Wednesday's World Car Free Day Celebration.

The ride leaves at 6pm sharp (gather at 5:30pm)  from Daley Plaza and ends at 7pm at the Bike Winter kick-off meeting* at the Billy Goat on Madison (1535 W.)

The idea is that we spread love and thanks for walkers, bikers, skaters, bladers, transit users, etc. downtown... and encourage the drivers hitting the highway ramps to join us next time. Let's show off our best car-freedom costumes** and rhetoric to share a vision of a less car-dependent Chicago.***

Also, please take the Active Trans' car-free pledge. . Even if you are already car-free, it is good to be counted. When you take the pledge, you show support for a less car-dependent future. Even if you have a car now and feel you must rely on it for many trips, I hope you can agree that a future with more walking, biking and transit will be good for us all. In summary--please take the pledge and help spread the word.

Viva Car-Freedom!

*Bike Winter is great way to cap off a car-free event because the ability to ride year round makes car-free living so much easier and more fun.
**Costumes or creativity not required. Just showing up is the best statement.
***You don't need to be car-free to participate. But even if you do own a car, I hope you agree with the message that our streets and communities would be safer and more pleasant if cars were used less often.
**** mea culpa