Thank you! (was Volunteers Needed for May 22 Urban Assault Ride)

Update: A million thanks to all the volunteers who came out to support this event, which grew by 63% over last year's ride!

We are thrilled to announce that year's Urban Assault Ride, sponsored by New Belgium Brewing, will benefit Break the Gridlock, The Chainlink and West Town Bikes.  Our task is to recruit volunteers for jobs such as beer security at Murphy's Bleachers and helping (and cheering) at checkpoints. 

Sign up here:
(NOT the link you see from the main Urban Assault page.)

Volunteers will receive a t-shirt, food, drinks, and beer (21 and older). As an added incentive, our friends at the Active Transportation Alliance are offering Urban Assault volunteers a discount for Bike the Drive, which is the following weekend.  Enter GRIDLOCK5 for online registration at

Please consider volunteering for this fun event. Your time helps support local causes that promote biking and reduce car dependency.

I remember doing home grown Urban Assault rides in the late 90's, with friends I met through Chicago's Critical Mass.They created fantastic late night, often off road, capers in pockets of Chicago that I never seemed quite able to find on my own in the daylight. The rides were a blast, and they helped me fall in love with cycling whether for adventure or mundane errands. It's great to see these kinds of goals being promoted on the Urban Assault website:

Bikes make you physically and mentally healthy, bikes reduce dependence on oil, bikes reduce traffic congestion, and bikes don’t pollute. They’re also a ton of fun to ride and that’s the part that we bring to you in the Urban Assault Ride. We’d like to see you use your bike more for transportation and the event is designed to show you how to get around town efficiently on your bike. As the old proverb states, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime." In the UAR, you'll teach yourself how great bikes are for getting around town...and that's the best way to learn. After you experience the event, we hope you’ll be more inclined to grab your bike lock and not your car keys when you cruise down to the store to pick up a 6-pack of Fat Tire. (